Worship Notes

April 18, 2021

We Are Fed

It appears the gospel writers knew that people would question whether Jesus was indeed fully human. Details such as how he wept at the death of his dear friend Lazarus, lost patience with those who had turned the temple into a marketplace, and was a bit annoyed with his mother when she asked him to help out at the wedding in Cana remind us that Jesus felt many of the things we feel ourselves.

Similarly, in case anyone wondered if Jesus had really risen from the dead, Luke tells us how, after Jesus appeared to his disciples, he asked for something to eat. This may seem like a small detail, but there’s no doubt it is an important one. After all, only people who are living and breathing must eat; there is no getting around that physical need.

However, this detail does not remind us only that Jesus really was raised from the dead. It also brings to mind the many times Jesus gathered around a table with a great variety of people, feeding them in both body and soul. As we remember each of these interactions, we are reminded that even though we do not dine with Jesus in the flesh, today he is still at work to nurture us.

Jesus feeds us through his words of forgiveness, through the love of our family and friends, and through the blessing of community. Most notably, Jesus feeds us at the Lord’s supper, where he invites all to taste and see God’s goodness and grace. Through bread and wine we are fortified with Christ’s body and blood to be witnesses to God’s love out in the world as we go about our daily work, bless one another with our time and gifts, and serve our neighbors in need.

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