Faith Support & Enrichment

Enhancing the spiritual care of church members

bible hands The Faith Support & Enrichment Board strives to enhance spiritual life of our congregation. We seek to provide real-time relief to the Pastors in meeting personal, pastoral care for members in distress thus, we provide strong support for the Stephen Ministry Program. The Board also maintains the church membership roles, coordinating lunches to inform new members of activities available to them. We arrange for the assimilation of new members into the Faith family by having new member lunches and following up on how we can help them become meaningful Faith family members find a welcoming church home. We update a brochure on the small group activities available to members which includes adult education possibilities. We assist with adult education planning and needs. We maintain the picture board, taking pictures of new members, leaders, etc. The Board contacts members who have not attended church for some time to discover possibilities for further individual service or assistance, and, for those who have chosen to discontinue their membership, to discover how we could have made a difference in supporting them, by adding/changing/deleting service activities. We coordinate the upkeep of the Library. We also seek to assist other Faith Boards in finding helpers to meet their special and/or specific assistance, coordinating and recruiting additional individuals.

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