Call Process and Ministry Site Profile Information

With Pastor Bob’s decision to retire on July 31, your church Executive Committee and Council began working with the ELCA Central/Southern Illinois Synod to prepare for the Call Process.   The Executive committee met with Synod Bishop John Roth on March 31.  On May 21 the church Council met with Pastor Ken Sandlin, assistant to Bishop Roth and responsible for overseeing the congregational Call process and candidacy process within our Synod.  Pastor Sandlin provided a Call Process package to each member of the Council followed by a thorough review of the resources within the package.

Pastor Sandlin pointed out that one of the initial key components in the Call Process is the Ministry Site Profile. The Ministry Site Profile is essential in providing the Synod with information to assist with identifying pastoral candidates for our consideration.  Developing an accurate and clearly defined Ministry Site Profile that reflects our congregation requires input from all members of Faith Lutheran.

The Synod developed two surveys to gather the needed information for the Ministry Site Profile:

These two surveys will be available online at the church website, as well as in paper format, which can be found as a packet with an envelope at the Welcome Center. The timeframe for electronic submission of the surveys will be July 1 – July 31. If you wish to submit your surveys in paper format, please return them to Janet Hernandez no later than Sunday, July 28th, so they may be sent up to Springfield for inclusion in our results.  Laptops will be available at church for your use, if needed, to facilitate completion of the surveys.  The online surveys are set up to receive multiple submissions and are not limited to one per email address.  Also, it is not set to track email addresses, so responses will be anonymous.

By completing the surveys, you participate in the Call Process and selection of our new Pastor.  Your participation will insure that our Ministry Site Profile clearly defines the mission and goals of Faith Lutheran Church.

 If you have any questions or concerns, please speak with Andy Dichsen, Carol Bandre, Dick Schmidt, or Susan Carlson.


Additional information you may find helpful as we begin to process Pastor Bob’s retirement: Guidance on Retirement of a Pastor


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